What Are the Processes Involved in Steel Erection?


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Steel erection, also known as steel installation, is the process in which components of various materials such as steel and metal are installed into a position where they create a structure. In order to undertake any sort of steel erection, you must first understand the project and have the knowledge required to utilise the machinery onsite. Steel erection is a feat of engineering that is quite exceptional, so having highly qualified steel contractors and reliable machinery is a necessity.

    Steel Erection Process

    When it comes to preparing and delivering the components for steel erection, there are a lot of moving parts that need to all align for the process to run smoothly. Steel fabricators need to analyse and plan each stage to ensure that the project they create is ideal to the client’s requirements. If a step is missed or not completed to the highest standard, this can cause delays to the projects timeline and can potentially be much more costly than once thought. The processes involved are:

    • Preparation
    • Practice
    • Timing
    • Delivery
    • Installation


    Preparation is one of the most important stages as this is where you plan how you are going to erect each component. If all the components aren’t available, protective finishing’s aren’t applied to the components or the correct holes have been drilled for erection, this can significantly reduce the projects time length.


    Ensuring that each component fits exactly how it should fit is imperative to a successfully erection project. Usually, the fabricators that created the components have put together the assembly multiple times to ensure that each part fits together effortlessly and ensure that you are able to construct the structure.


    Timing can be a positive but can also have some drawbacks in steel erection projects. If you don’t have the erection components you need when you need them can cause serious headaches and reduce your projects efficiency. If your components are delivered on time, this can reduce extra added costs and further project delays.


    For any steel erection project, organisation is vital. When it comes to delivery, you have to make sure that every component has the necessary fittings and other clips, bracing and other connection material that is required to construct the structure required. If not, this again can cause project delays and increase the projects overall cost.


    When it comes to the installation of the components, the process is usually split into four sections; making sure the foundations are firm and secure, having lifted and placement sections in their correct positions, alignment, and finally, attaching each component together securely.

    What Machinery is Required for Steel Erection?

    Before you can start a steel erection project, most of the time, you will require some machinery to lift and manoeuvre the components into certain positions. Some of the various machinery required would be mobile cranes and elevated work platforms (EWP). The cranes are utilised to lift the components into place and EWP’s are utilised to lift contractors up to bolt the components together.

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