What is Involved in Mobile Crane Inspections?



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Mobile cranes have become increasingly popular in not only construction worksites but various project sites and in turn, crane inspection is an important aspect of the industry. Therefore, when utilising a mobile crane, you need to ensure that the mobile crane you have hired is up to acceptable user standards. Making sure your hired crane is up to standards ensures the safety of not only your operator but for all parties involved and can reduced costs later on.

    What Are Some Major Inspection Points?

    For the inspection of mobile cranes, there are many aspects that need to be reviewed and checked over to make sure that all necessary equipment parts and components are ready to complete lifting requirements. When inspecting a mobile crane, you need to make sure you examine the:

    • Mobile Crane Operational History
    • Hydraulic System
    • Smaller Mobile Crane Parts
    • Cabin and General Operation

    Mobile Crane Operational History

    Before inspecting the mobile crane itself, you should examine the machines operational history. The operational history usually includes how many hours the machine has been operated, what year the machine was manufactured, the working condition and the price. This is a great starting point as it will paint a bit of a picture before visually inspecting the mobile crane.

    Hydraulic System

    When inspecting whether a specific mobile crane is right for your project, the first visual check that should be conducted is an examination of the hydraulic system and engine. As the hydraulic system is the most vital aspect of the mobile crane, this should be thoroughly checked. You need to make sure that the main pump that lifts raises, lower and extends the boom is oiled properly and no rust can be found. The pilot pressure counterweight pump also needs to be examined to ensure that counterweights are correctly added or removed, without any delays as this keeps the mobile crane from tipping.

    Smaller Mobile Crane Parts

    As well as accessing the mobile cranes hydraulic system and engine, you also need to access whether the crane has any cracks, deformities or corroded members in the cranes structure or the boom itself. Inspecting the various nuts, bolts and rivets to see if they require replacements could be a wise investment as well as examining the brake and clutch system parts, linings, pawls and ratchets.

    Cabin and General Operation

    In the cabin section, ensure that all grips and other holdings are secure and check the seat, joysticks and foot pedals to see if they need replacement. In terms of the operational system, start off by checking all the gauges and making sure there aren’t any abnormal noises coming from the mobile crane. The operational system is an integral part of the mobile crane, so this section needs to be thoroughly checked over to guarantee minimal future problems.

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