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FAQ | Steel Erection & Installation

What Are the Benefits of Steel Erection?

Steel erection entails the construction of heavy-duty high-rise structures, metal buildings and signs with steel and is more commonly identified as the skeletal core of commercial, retail and bridge structures. The process of construction involves the lifting and placing of steel beam components into position at the site and the requirements of the job will constitute whether the structure is welded or bolted. The use of steel erection allows builders to complete the development faster due to the assistance of cranes completing the lifting and will reduce cost. Builders have the ability to easily modify the structure at any time given that it is made of steel and can be bent, welded and bolted.

What Services Are Involved in Steel Fabrication and Erection?

Truline Engineering offer complete steel fabrication and erection services. We have the ability to design and manufacture structural steel products suited to the client’s specific projects. Truline Engineering provide an extensive range of steel fabrication services including:

  • Plasma cutting - This process uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through electrically conductive materials such as steel.
  • Hydraulic Punch and Shearing - the hydraulic pump tool punches holes in metal and the Hydraulic Shear is used to cut hard iron sheets and metal bar. 
  • Cold Sawing - The circular saw enables one to cut metal whilst permitting the blade and material to remain cool.

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is the procedure in which an electric arc forms between an electrode and a metal workpiece. This heats the metals and causes them to melt and be joined.

Truline Engineering provide end to end service and will complete a site erection service with the lifting and placing of the desired steel components to the site. Successful assembly of the structure and removal is included.

What Are the Benefits of Steel Erection?

Truline Engineering provide in house detailing drafting to accurately plan and bring your concepts to life. We specialise in full detailed blueprints for workshop application and site erection projects. Truline Engineering use an array of state of the art drafting programs including Tekla and Strucad to design your ventures. The programs listed have the ability to directly interface with the companies CNC machine for drilling and marking functions. This system provides a superior degree of accuracy in a shorter time frame that manual operations cannot consistently attain. The drafting scope delivers both 3D and 2D layout drawings that enable the client and on-site riggers to easily visualise the proposed structure.

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