What Are the Advantages of Mobile Cranes?



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Mobile cranes are seen as a more advantageous crane method for a wider array of projects compared to tower cranes. Mobile cranes are cable-controlled boom lifts that are carried on-top of rubberised tires. This allows for significant advantages not only for the crane’s mobility but also versatility. Machinery that is versatile is much more effective on most worksites as they can be used for a number of projects. The benefits of hiring a mobile crane are as follows:

  • Fast Setup
  • Easy Relocation
  • Cost Effective
  • High Flexibility and Space Saver
  • Significant Lifting Strength

    Fast Setup

    Being a crane that is attached to a set of rubberised wheels allows for an easy, quick setup that significantly reduces time on your worksite. This allows for the project to be started on the same day, increasing your projects efficiency and in turn completing your project in a shorter timeframe than utilising tower cranes. Mobile cranes also save you money long-term due to the crane being on your worksite shorter.

    Easy Relocation

    Relocation is another major benefit to the mobile crane due to the cable-controlled boom lift being on a set of wheels. Tower cranes only allow you are station the crane in one location, limiting your projects reach. Mobile cranes however are able to be transported in a fraction of the time of tower cranes, allowing you to complete one project then relocate to another project site.

    Cost Effective

    Renting mobile cranes can seriously increase the money you have in your own pocket. This is due to the setup time being quick and easy, which reduces the number of contractors involved when compared to tower crane setup. Mobile cranes also allow you to complete jobs much quicker, reducing crane downtime on your worksite.

    High Flexibility and Space Saver

    Having flexibility and the ability to save space is an advantage the mobile crane has in abundance. Whether you have an object in your direct path or a building obstruction, the mobile crane can easily access narrow alleyways while also being practical in worksites that have limited space. This allows mobile cranes to be very advantageous on construction worksites and busy streets that are tight.

    Significant Lifting Strength

    Many people think that due to the size of a mobile crane that their level of strength is reduced significantly. This is the complete opposite due to mobile cranes acquiring heavy duty axels and hydraulic power, mobile cranes have plenty of lifting power to complete a wide range of projects.

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