What is Steel Fabrication and How do Steel Fabrication Operators Work?



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Steel fabrication is one of the most important aspects of creating construction components, however, steel fabricators are vital in the process of creating construction structures involving metal. From designing iron gates for the front of your house to creating the latest technology and machinery, somewhere along the process of creating these items, a steel fabricator has had a part in the component’s development. But just what exactly are they and how do they operate?

Steel fabrication is the process of turning raw materials into working parts for many machines and other operations. How these development works is that once the raw materials have been turned into metal, this metal is then melted, pressed, bent, cut and shaped to create exact items. Whether you are looking to install new pipelines and construction beams for a new house or to install a new front gate to add style to your house, steel fabrication is seen as a value adder as you are turning raw materials into a material that can be utilised for a range of projects.

How Do Steel Fabricators Operate?

Steel fabricators can operate in a wide range of settings. From large factories who work under one company (example is a large oil company employing steel fabricators to undertake metal pipelines for their oil rigs), to smaller companies that concern themselves with creating one-off projects for clients. Some of these small clients will put in proposals which allow them to detail the exact plans and costings of the project. This allows the company to gather the necessary equipment required. These smaller companies may also get consistent work from local contractors who require their services.

Some of the required equipment to complete a specific project may include:

  • Expanded Metal
  • Pre-formed Metal
  • Plate Metal
  • Welding Wire
  • Castings
  • Fittings

What Machinery Can Steel Fabricators Use?

Steel fabricators may have to utilise specialise machinery in order to complete various projects. This machinery needs to be able to roll, press, cut and bend the metal to form certain shapes for the detailed project. To create a project that has the exact dimensions required, the implementation of a band saw, and laser cutter can create the perfect cut. Once each component has been formed and created to the exact dimensions required, the welding of these components takes place to form the final product. This stage also includes the final touches to the product including painting, sand blasting, powder coating or polishing which allows the product to not only look presentable, but also protects your project from the elements and environment.

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