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Truline Engineering - Metal Fabrication & Erection Contractors

Truline is the professional choice for architects, builders and structural steel fabricators in Melbourne, providing excellent service at a realistic price.

Over the past 20-plus years, we evolved from a simple onsite service to the complete modern engineering operation we are today. A well equipped factory and experienced team ensures that Truline has the capacity and precision to complete a wide range of projects and contracted works.

As well as being a standalone metal production and erection company, Truline now also provides a full subcontract facility to structural steel fabricators utilising its new FICEP equipment and machinery. Subcontractors engaging Truline and utilising this new equipment enjoy faster turnarounds, complete accuracy and the assurance of direct data feed from approved software such as Strucad and Tekla.

Call Truline on (03) 9455 1577 to discuss your next project with an expert and receive a free no obligation quote.

  • Specialises in Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Services the Building and Construction Industry
  • Works with Architects and Builders providing fabricated structural steel product engineered to plan


  • FICEP CNC Beamline Hole Drilling and Scribing Machine
  • Internal Crane enabling heavy fabrication in workshop
  • Provide cranes with 22 tonne, 7 tonne and 3.5 tonne crawler for site erection of all steel fabrications. A dedicated company crane truck ensures timely delivery and scheduling


  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Shop detailing – detail drafting providing onsite detail to both engineering works and site erection teams, including 3D representations.
  • Utilise a “Builders Program” software package. This enables project delivery in a structural fashion and in a timely manner
  • Onsite erection, company cranes, crane trucks, personnel and equipment
  • Subcontract preparation of structural steel fabrication for smaller engineering works